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Mr. Volodymyr Voitenko Film critic, screenwriter
Mr. Volodymyr Voitenko

Got a specialty of a cinema scientist at the Kyiv National I.K. Karpenko-Karyi Theatre, Cinema and Television University (1990), where later worked as a lecturer. The author of more than 700 publications in the press and specialized cinema editions. Worked as an editor of magazine "Novyny Kinoekrana", headed the magazines «Kino», «KINO-KOLО» and «CINEMA». Editor of the cinema projects «Mudaky. Arabesky», «Ukraine, goodbye!» and «Babylon’13». Head of creative projects «Stsenarna Maisternia» й «KINO-KOLO». Since 1999 – he is an anchorman of his TV program “ARGUMENT-KINO” on “1+1” TV channel. Member of expert commission of the Ukrainian State Film Agency.



About project "Watch Ukrainian - create your own Future":

Step by step, the Ukrainian society begins to realize simple truths despite its pain of daily losses. Naturally, the implementation of the Project with the same simple, transparent title that speaks for itself and cries to itself, is relevant.

After all, the essential realities of the Ukrainian life of the last decades have revealed, in fact, the obvious things. To live in a strange culture, with a stranger's vision of their history, to be in the language coordinates drawn from the outside, in the end, to live with someone else's mind and another's soul, means - to abandon oneself and dissolve either in the "Russian world" , or in the imaginary, illusory "global cultural world".



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