Film script contest «YOUR OWN CINEMA-3» is in search for new ideas

Film script contest «YOUR OWN CINEMA-3» is in search for new ideas

The film script contest "YOUR OWN CINEMA-3" is underway. Authors of the selected winner-scripts will receive the reward in the amount of 10K UAH and the main award - is the possibility to adapt your own script for the big screen.

Traditionally, the "Watch Ukrainian» Project is in search for the short-story motivating film ideas, where the main character is an initiative and responsible person, whose actions inspire others and make changes, approaching a better future.

Everyone willing can participate in the Contest, notwithstanding his profession or experience. An important criteria is interesting life asserting film script idea and accordance to the Contest Regulations. 

The story in the script must be comprehensive and interesting for a wide audience, it must be dramaticly completed, life asserting, motivating for the action and inspiring. 

Nota bene, the main criteria!

The Contest accepts short story film scripts with duration of around 3 minutes time. Such criterie are caused by "Watch Ukrainian!" Project format, as the future films, that will be adapted for the screen after the "YOUR OWN CINEMA" contest winner scripts, are planned to be shown in the block of trailers before the main repertoire films in partner cinemas.

Contest topics:

№ 1 «People create the future»
№ 2 «My city»

Deadline for work submissions - February 25,  2019 року.

Contest details and regulations -

The "Watch Ukrainian!" project information reference:

The "YOUR OWN CINEMA" film contest was established in 2016 as a part of "Watch Ukrainian!" complex project. Two years in sequence the ukrainian national script contests "YOUR OWN CINEMA 1-2" were successfully realized, drawing a high interest of script writers (over 500 contest scripts each year). The «Watch Ukrainian – create your future!» project is being continually supported by cinematography experts and state bodies. 

In December 2017 the Project 3-min short story films started to be demonstrated in cinemas before the main film session. Because of active partner collaboration with cinemas, first 10 project films was seen by 1 000 000 spectators.

The second stage of 3-min short story films demonstration is currently underway. Moreover, the project is performing the film festival distribution. As of January 2019 Project films have received 17 festival awards.

Project initiators and developers are the «BABYLON» company and Association of «Ukraine Cinema Development and Support – Watch Ukrainian!».

The project is being realised under support of Ukrainian State Agency on Cinematography.


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Ms. Nataliia Baidan, Director General of the

Ms. Nataliia Baidan, Director General of the "Cinema Planet" cinema chain, about the Project

The format of the project "Watch Ukrainian - create your own Future!" provides for active involvement in the implementation of all parts of the cinema industry. ...