Mr. Hennadii Kofman about his impressions of the project

Mr. Hennadii Kofman about his impressions of the project "Watch Ukrainian - create your own Future!"

"I have to admit when I witnessed the enthusiasm, which united the recognized masters and inexperienced debutants in the Project - for me personally, it was a complete surprise.
What it is? The influence of time, which freed the incredible ability of Ukrainians to self-organization for the Future of the country or true love for profession, which brought together professionals and beginners? I do not know.
There is already an opportunity to see the first results. And there is no doubt that the creative energy embodied in each film, each novel of the Project will not leave indifferent Ukrainian spectators. But today, I'm not sure that "Watch Ukrainian - create your own Future!" should only increase the loyalty of the viewer to Ukrainian cinema. It seems to me that the potential of this wave will be pleasantly surprising!
I hope very much that in the Future the Project will have the opportunity to expand its borders for documentary stories about our contemporaries, about the country here and now, about a diverse and unknown Ukraine".

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"YOUR OWN CINEMA 3" script contest announces results

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Ms. Nataliia Baidan, Director General of the

Ms. Nataliia Baidan, Director General of the "Cinema Planet" cinema chain, about the Project

The format of the project "Watch Ukrainian - create your own Future!" provides for active involvement in the implementation of all parts of the cinema industry. ...