Contest Topics

Конкурс проводится по трем темам:
Тема 1 «Инициативы на будущее».
Тема 2 «Люди создают будущее».

Contest Topics

Topic 1 "Initiatives for the Future"

A basis of any changes is initiatives born from the dream. Dreams are concentrated in the Future. Goodness, love, justice, mutual help, patriotism, dignity, freedom, openness - these categories are the core that binds and inspires people. Dreams based on moral values become realistic, meaningful and powerful. 

Dreams and ideas motivate to action. An individual feels the desire for changes. 

Changes are already taking place! Wondering: “What is dignified life?”, “What has to be done?”, “Who makes changes?” – the individual understands that he can influence changes! People proceed to actions. Actions implement changes and create the Future.

Topic 1 aimed at Script searching for movies, which demonstrate that, any unique problem in all spheres and at all levels can be solved by actions of an initiative and responsible person. Changes are made by people, who dream of better future, take actions and inspire others.

Topic 2 "People create the Future"

No matter what a person is dreaming of, she lives in real life under certain specific conditions in particular place. Most people do not think about lofty matters and live for the day. However, someone ordinary, wherever he lives, whatever he does, is able to make his life better as well as life of the surrounding people. He can support and inspire. Who are those people about whom you can tell: “If everyone were like this person, then the Future would definitely be better!”

Тема 2 была направлена ​​на поиск сценариев фильмов, которые демонстрируют истории простых людей, чья деятельность, философия и поведение являются источником надежды других людей и для лучшего будущего.